First Step

The Marketing Plan

Your brand and its position should be clear and often revisited. We can help with your mission, vision and values development. A series of exercises exploring your market needs, your offerings and the appropriate tactics will turn quickly into a marketing plan.

Second Step

Marketing Infrastructure

Your marketing properties need to be in sync with both the design standards and the messaging and ready to deliver on your plan. I can help with web site development, ad design, social media property set up and monitoring tools to ensure you are measuring your marketing efforts.

Third Step

Get Marketing!

Following your plan, your brand messaging and using the full spectrum of today's marketing channels, we run a full tactical plan. Social media, email, advertising, SEO and more are available to you and your team to reach, with precision, the audiences that you call customers.

The things I’ve learned…

I have worked across many sectors of marketing and in all sizes of organizations as a marketing lead.  I like to work with small to medium sized companies that are growing out of their current marketing practice who don’t need full time direction.

Strategic Planning Sessions

Brand 360 sessions to revisit your company's mission, vision and values to writing a marketing plan and developing a tactical plan.

Web Development

Figuring out what your web site needs to do, designing and developing one that turns heads and attracts sales.

Social Media Campaigns

Organic and paid social media campaigns that work to get your brand and products out there to specific market places.

Marketing Team Support

Finding the right people to deliver solid marketing tactics that create awareness, utilize today's trends and delivers business.

How I can help…

I am always looking for companies who have reached a peak in either their inhouse ability to move to the next level in their marketing or have found it too much of an investment to take the leap.  Bringing in help to develop the proper strategy and tactical plan is something every company can afford and should do.  There’s nothing like a 3rd pair of eyes on where you are and where you need to go as a brand… and nothing better if those eyes comes with a pair of hands to help you tactically move forwards.

Clients I have worked with…

In 4 decades of marketing work, I have delivered for a wide variety of sectors.  From corporate, IT, advertising agencies, international sporting associations, outdoor sports manufacturers as well as local tourism enterprises, municipalities and small businesses.  Kinda done it all…

Marketing Audits

Any companies hoping to get a quick scorecard and overview of how their current branding, marketing infrastructure, and practice looks like from a pair of experienced eyes, please let me know.  I am more than happy doing a quick audit to bring it all to clarity.

Brand 365

A full dive into your brand, consumer insights, product positioning and general art directorial analysis. The result will be a suggested route to improving your over all brand standing.


A look deep into your brand's strength's and weaknesses in the market place and accompanying suggestions of opportunities along with the threats that are holding you back.

Infrastructure Analysis

We will go through your web site, social media profiles and all other channels you use to deliver your messages to the market to ensure you are prepped for marketing tactics.

Tactical Analysis

Running through all your ongoing and past campaigns will give us an idea of what has been or hasn't been working for you to get you to a solid tactical marketing program.


“I had the chance and pleasure to work with this human phenomenon. James is one of the rare people I worked with such energy and intensity. Result oriented, James is a people person who will regroup a team with his contagious “Joie de vivre” and motivation in order to achieve the expected results. There is no doubt in my mind, James can accomplish any challenge he takes ownership of.”

Eric Ducharme – Compuware Inc.

James has helped us form an entirely new digital focus to our business. Many thanks!

Dave Brown Founder, Ottawa's Finest Values Magazine

James has a strong technical knowledge as well as a deep understanding of many industries including engineering and construction. Great job.

Michael Collins Engineer

James has designed us an incredible web site by listening and understanding our needs perfectly!

Brendan Mark CEO, Heliconia Inc.
Strategic direction + -

Honeybee Software (IT)
Nomex Inc. (Web Development)
Domtar (Paper Industry)
Jean Coutu (Pharmaceutical)
Montreal Canadiens (Professional Sports)
World Kayak (Outdoor Non-Profit)
Jackson Kayak (Outdoor Brand)
Orion Coolers (Outdoor Brand)
Blue Sky Boatworks (Outdoor Brand)
Heliconia Inc. (TV Production)
Breathe Productions (Web Development)

Web Development + -

Nomex Inc. (Web Development)
Domtar (Paper Industry)
Jean Coutu (Pharmaceutical)
Montreal Canadiens (Professional Sports)
ACA Insurance (Insurance)
Heliconia Inc. (TV Production)
Breathe Productions (Web Development)
OnCourss (Web Development)
Peter Mansfield, Architect (Architecture)
Mississippi Mills (Municipality)
Job Central (IT)
Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce (Business Collective)
Cleland Jardine (Engineering)
Aqua Bound (Outdoor Brand)
World Kayak (Outdoor Non-Profit)
Whitewater Symposium (Outdoor Non-Profit)
Jackson Kayak (Outdoor Brand)

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